About Training

Training Overview

quality vs quantity3 Quality is the fundamental principle QAPP operates its programs on. Besides, application of  industry best practices, QAPP selects courses and materials based on the specific needs of an individual. This means that our training is customized to an individual’s learning circumstances no matter where individuals come from. Once an individual feels at home with the training. learning process is guaranteed to be seamless. So each and every course is designed and training is configured to provide direct positive impact on the individual’s BA and QA career. In addition, each of our training sessions is followed by job interviews and placement assistance. 


professional 2 As QAPP doesn’t compromise with quality, all our training is provided by the seasoned professionals who have over 10 years of hands on experience, corresponding education and training . Since our trainers work in respective fields while they train , they bring real time environment in the training. This enables our students to understand the actual job environment in their respective fields.  So when students land a job, they no longer feel strangers to their new job environment.  

Training Programs:

Although the sky is the limit on what you can learn in any domain, our focus is geared as stated earlier to supplement the individual’s direct needs to assist them with their jobs. For the very purpose, the training are divided into three main categories and the objectives are set to prepare the participants to excel on their current jobs or jump right onto the new assignment.


1. Business Analysis Fundamental:

This course is designed for such individuals who are new to Business Analysis and are looking for business analysis fundamentals so as to prepare themselves with appropriate information on methodologies, tools, and industry best practices.

2. Business Analysis Primary:

This course is designed for individuals who have acquired basic understanding on business analysis principles, industry best practices, SDLC methodologies, requirement management tools and some knowledge on BABOK.

3. Business Analysis Advanced:

This course as the title says is for those individuals who have already acquired great understanding on business analysis through their academic studies and business analysis career. This course will guide them through IIBA methodologies, (as described in BABOK 2.0)industry best practices, critical problem case studies and enhance their strength through practical approach. At the end of the course the individual will gain greater understanding on BA principles, market approach, challenges, and keys to successfully handle them.

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 4. Manual Testing:
This course is designed for both basic or intermediate learners who require hands on information and skills around front end and back end  testing of any application manually. The course will guide them through all aspects of testing with practical exercises during each course so that our students will gain real time experience of testing.

5. Automation Testing:



6. CBAP Exam Preparation Training

This course is designed for individuals who are preparing for taking CBAP certification provided by IIBA Institution. This course will cover aspects on CBAP application preparation, exam taking strategies, 8 BABOK  knowledge areas, and simulated questions which are key to passing CBAP exam. Good Luck!!(Disclaimer: The course completion doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the individual will pass CBAP certification test. It all depends on the individual’s personal efforts in absorbing the knowledge and the efforts they put in)